Guided Visualization Meditation – Manifest your Aspirations | Ethereal Meditations

Guided Visualization Meditation – Manifest your Aspirations | Ethereal Meditations

Guided Visualization Meditation – Manifest your Aspirations | Ethereal Meditations

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This meditation follows the Law of Attraction and guides you to Manifest your Dreams and Aspirations.

Motivation comes and it goes and there are so many factors that contribute to how and when we experience motivation. Some days we may find ourselves feeling incredibly motivated and some days, it might take a little extra energy and effort to truly get into flow and to begin working on whatever it is that is meaningful to us or that we want to achieve.

We have created this guided meditation to help increase levels of motivation and focus within your life! It is beneficial to listen to this meditation anytime that you want a little boost of energy, or especially on those days where motivation isn’t coming naturally and a little effort is required to get you going. Whether you are working towards a big goal, a tiny action step or a dream of any kind, this meditation will help guide you on your way to taking action. The fact that you have intentionally set aside time to assist you on your journey to success, is a good indication of the magic that is yet to unfold!

In this meditation, we work with the power of our subconscious mind and our breath to lift our vibration, increase momentum, and create ripples of motivation and positive energy!

What goals, tiny action steps or dreams are you currently working towards? What moves your soul?! How do YOU create motivation on days where it feels more difficult to get going? Please let us know in the comments below! Let’s work together to encourage, inspire and uplift one another in this beautiful and growing community.

We suggest listening to and practicing this meditation for 30 days to create a strong momentum toward achieving your aspirations.

We would also LOVE to hear how this meditation has positively impacted your life!

For hearing impaired please turn on closed captions (subtitles) using the video controls.


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Ethereal Meditations is a team of three passionately driven souls committed to not only our individual healing, but the healing and transformation of the collective. We believe that meditation has the power to not only quiet and calm the mind, but can assist in the healing and transformation of our physical, emotional, spiritual and ancestral bodies – for all parts of us are interconnected.


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