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Be Blessed by the Divine,

Ravi Shekar, this is a video for you

How to manifest dreams into reality using Kundalini Yoga?

We have desires

Desires must be aligned with the

Purpose of our birth

With the divine order of

Law of cause and effect.

The Divine force has evolved into

Subatomic energy particles

Into molecules, atoms

Into various life-forms

Into human beings.

Our birth is an avatar

Of the almighty force

The purpose of the avatar

Is to realize the potential and power of

The consciousness itself

In this evolutionary process and

Live in awe and inspiration

In the magical evolution of the

Almighty force itself.

We have come to realize our

True potential

As the divine force evolved into human beings

Our desires must also be aligned

Towards the ultimate purpose of the birth of

Salvation, self-realization

leading towards perfection

Where we remain one

With the almighty force

We must realize that

We are a fraction of the almighty force.

The first thing to do is to align

Our dreams, desires, ambitions with

God’s own will

God’s own designs

How do we know?

Simple formula

That which does not cause pain for

Self or others

Now or in the future

Physically or mentally

Is a moralized desire.

Once our desires are moralized

We will only desire for

what will manifest in real life

Such a power to desire for

What will manifest in the real world

Will come only to a Kundalini Yogi

Through Kundalini Yoga process

Where you meditate on your own life-force

Go to subtle levels of frequency

Become one with the almighty force.

Your inner voice

As inner consciousness

You begin to realize

Listen and follow the divine voice inside

You will not cause hurt for

Self or others

Now or in the future

Physically or mentally

In any action of yours

Thoughts, words or deeds.

You will not cause harm.

In such a state of mind

What you think is what will happen

What is going to happen is what you will desire.

Be Blessed by the Divine,

Krish Murali Eswar.


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