ILLUMINATION: Third Eye Journey/Manifestation Guided By Lilian Eden

ILLUMINATION: Third Eye Journey/Manifestation Guided By Lilian Eden

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Lilian B. Eden is an internationally recognized Psychic-Medium, Hypnotherapist, Author/Producer who has helped thousands of people from all walks of life from around the world. Inspiring and advising others through private sessions, workshops, lectures, and through her guided meditations/processes.

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Illumination- Third Eye Journey/Release Guided By Lilian Eden

**Please note: This is a guided meditation by Lilian Eden with background sound. If you do not enjoy guided mediations, this is not for you.** 🙂
* Please prepare by wearing comfortable clothing, turn of any distracting device and sit/incline to enjoy.
*Lilian has different ways to open/activate the third eye. One such way is through the following technique. This again, is not the only way. Enjoy your time of unfoldment!
*This video is for individuals who have worked with altered states of awareness and/or for those who are familiar with tapping into Source*.

What to expect:
Lilian Eden provides an opportunity toward uncovering new insights by guiding you toward opening your third eye. A chance to explore unanswered questions, answers to your most pressing issues/questions and a real chance to connect with the others behind the vail of consciousness. A different state of awareness exists where all is possible. Enjoy your session and exploration.

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