“Imitatio Christi” – Jung’s Red Book for Our Time – Part 9

00:16—Preparatory material for returning to a Reading of Chapter 5 of Aion.
01:08—The Red Book identifies the Individuation Process as the “Royal Road” to rediscovering Soul and God.
01:18—Dr. Jung reviews the traditional Christian teaching of “Imitatio Christi.”
01:35—A new form of spirituality is taking form in which one searches for the inner Christ.
01:46—Instead of the “infantile” imitation, the individual is asked to find a place for Christ in his heart….Living his own life just as Christ lived His.
–02:07—The New God laughs at imitators.
–02:27—“The time has come when each must do his own work of redemption.”
02:50—“The Symbol of Christ as a symbol of the Self plays a signficant role.”
02:57—The Theme of the Unification of Opposites
03:23—The Whole belongs to both principles in a consideration of opposities.
03:37—“The psychological formulation of the problem of opposites is regarded by Dr. Jung himself as a renewal.”
–04:04—Phases of psychic Order are followed by phases of psychic chaos.
–04:29—Our way needs both reason and unreason.
–05:43—The biggests problem, according to Dr. Sonu Shamdasani, was how the opposites could be reconciled through the production of the reconciling Symbol.
–06:14—“The world is a painting of opposites.”
–06:43—This sets the stage for the resumption of my reading of Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self.

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