Manifestation Secrets: How To Manifest Your Vision!

Manifestation Secrets – – How To Manifest Your Vision.

We just purchased our first home here in Ojai. So we’ll show you around and also wanted to talk to you about VISION – and how to manifest your biggest vision.

So below, you’ll learn our 3 secrets how to manifest your biggest vision.

This is about holding a vision for your life and for you business – and holding it in such a way that it will surprise and excite you with what’s possible.

For example, we had a vision when we lived in San Diego that we wanted to live in a place that was more supportive for us. With a slower pace so we can focus on what’s most important, that it’s surrounded by nature and then…we had a really clear vision:

We didn’t just want a house, we wanted land. To be able to build on it, to entertain, where people could come and visit us, we could build office space for film studios and even have our team retreats on our property.

MANIFESTATION SECRET #1 – Hold onto your vision, but understand it won’t manifest overnight.

Sometimes when you have a vision, especially one that’s so grand, it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to hold it, nurture it and you have to pay attention to the timing with the Universe.

The thing to understand about vision is once you get a clear sign of what it is, usually you have no idea HOW it will manifest and come into fruition. And that’s what scares people.

Because you get so caught up in all the ways of how it’s supposed to unfold. But the first step is just holding it and knowing it to be true. And allowing yourself to be guided by the signs that will move you in the direction of actualizing it.

MANIFESTATION SECRET #2 – Visions are not still, they evolve and continuously manifest.

Our home is an evolution of the vision we’ve been holding. Since leaving San Diego and coming to Ojai, we’ve been in two houses before finding this one. This house is the next evolution of the vision we’ve been holding and it’s another step – it’s not a finished product…yet.

As you see how this vision of our home was manifest – it’s important to know that it didn’t just happen overnight.

We held the vision for over 2 years before finding this home – and we’re still working on it. Because it has the potential to be even grander that the vision of what we originally held.

But we kept holding the vision, staying true of knowing what’s possible, what can happen and that we were guided through the entire evolution of the vision.
And we weren’t keeping a tight hold on “when” it had to happen – just knowing that it WILL happen.

MANIFESTATION SECRET #3 – Hold a Vision for every area of your life.

This was our vision for our home, we have a vision for our business – and we have a vision for everything.

So we’d like to hear from you: What’s a vision you have for a particular area of your life?

Share with us one of your visions, of what’s feeling true to you and declare it below….maybe we’ll check back in a year and see where it’s at for you 🙂

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