Manifestion Meditation – Create Your Own Reality with Law of Attraction Visualization

This Manifestation is aimed towards simply becoming one with our desires rather than wishing them to come true. It aids you in feeling them in your body and visualising them already manifested. This meditation will immediately take your mind into a deep meditative state, synchronize your conscious and unconscious mind, and help you attract the things you desire most. Facilitated by Katie.
The Background Music is called “10 minute relax 2” by Paul Collier and his music is available on


Katie Kyleen Sabbaghian is a spiritual psychologist and founder of Arizona Spiritual Events. Her journey started when the doctors told her she had an incurable virus that was cancer causing – after a long search for a cure she discovered a healing that gave her a miraculous cure. She now calls this healing “gateway healing” and works primarily with individuals that have physical, emotional or mental blockages in their life. She believes that every problem in our life has an energetic solution.
Katie has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology at Delphi University and extensive with the Patricia Hayes school of Inner sense development and the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship. She now teaches meditation and inner-healing internationally.

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