A series of experiments at the University of Edinburgh in the 1970s and 1980s used random number generators to explore mind-matter interactions.

In the studies, participants used different mental strategies and researchers analyzed which ones produced the most favorable outcomes.

It turns out that we’ve covered these techniques before on this channel, so the list definitely resonated with me and I wanted to share the compilation with you and go over how we can use the methods with the Law of Attraction to manifest the things we want!

The key to all of these is to have a clear intention. Focus on one thing at a time. What’s a really important thing you want to manifest? Set the intention as if it’s already happened. For example: I have completely healed my body and experience a high state of well being. Another example would be, I am in a relationship with the love of my life, my forever soulmate. Use words that excite you and raise your vibration for an added enhancement of that intention.

Once you have your intention set, any of the following list will be super effective in manifesting your desires.
1. Resonance (feeling at one with the object) and entering flow state. This manifestation method is extremely powerful as it involves dissolving the illusion of separation from you and your desire.
For a moment, think deeply about your desire, maybe write it down. Sit with your eyes closed, thinking about it, and then see yourself BEING it. Being at one with it. This could look like different things for you – for example, if there is a car that you have been wanting, you see yourself as being the car, and being the same as you, and the car wanting you as much as you want the car. See yourself driving the car in your inner eyes, feel it, experience the raise in vibration you feel when you’re driving it.
You can do this with anything – with a career desire, with money, with love and relationships, and of course, with the ideal version of you.
You could see an emotion you want to feel – such as relief or happiness, and become that emotion. Thoughts are things – you can also become a thought. Dissolve the illusion that there is separation between you and what you love and what you desire, and become one with it with your eyes closed. See yourself feeling that way, and get completely lost in that visual or that feeling.

2. Asking spirits or angels for assistance. This method is great for anyone that knows the value of working with nonphysical energies. If you aren’t into that, I’d probably skip this one, but if you are, good news, it was tested to truly be the second most powerful way to create that mind-matter interaction and positive response.
Asking for spirits or angels for assistance, for me, seems to be most powerful when done in a ritualistic or ceremonial way. That means doing things intentionally to have that conversation with your guides. What I do is sit on my floor pillow to meditate, light some incense in their honor, and evoke them with a saying such as, “I ask for the highest vibrational and most compassionate angels and spirit beings to assist me in the following.”

I then end with giving them gratitude for listening to me and for the help that I know is on the way, and finish this little ceremony off with meditation – clearing my mind and focusing on my breath for a few minutes or as long as I feel like on that particular day.

3. Powering intention with emotion – how will I feel if this happens, and then feeling it/ finding different ways that will make me feel that way
I think this one is really fun and easy to do, and I’ve talked about it a lot on the channel. You already have your intention, now, simply think for a moment – how will I feel when I have this in my life?
Write down those emotions. Will you feel happy, successful, satisfied, relieved, loved? What emotions will you feel. Write those down.

Source of studies: Real Magic – Dean Radin, PhD

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